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• When and Where

2 Peter is, by strong scholarly consensus, the last of the NT texts to have been written. Some date it as late as 150AD, a few as early as 120, but nearly all within that range. It references 1 Peter; refers to the letters of Paul as an established collection and uses phrases from Jude. It also offers a further explanation for the “delay” of Jesus' 2nd Coming. There are no geographical clues at all on where this was written.

• Key Insights

Here we find a Scriptural basis for the saying that in God’s time a day is like 1000 years as well as an argument that God has extended the time for repentance.

The “scoffers” want proof, evidence, and visible signs. Does that sound familiar? Faith and hope are not about proof – the “certainty” of faith is that of assurance, confidence, and a peace that surpasses all understanding.

• Big Picture

Some, even today, are troubled by the apparent misunderstanding in Paul and other early Christian’s expectation of an imminent 2nd coming. As we saw in Revelation and the discussion of the “Left Behind” novels, many are still sure that it is near. My own faith suggests that Jesus is present with us now – and that Jesus comes again at each of our passing. I find this enough.

While there may, indeed, be some final day, I find theology based on that far too fear-based – and in conflict with the repeated message of both the OT and NT that call us to “be not afraid.” God has, indeed, given us all that is needed for life.

It is Finished! We made it! The entire NT in 40 days. Congrats!

I hope you have enjoyed this journey through the New Testament as much as I have. I encourage you to further study – volumes have been written on each of these texts, and you’ll find a variety of viewpoints. I find Borg’s approach generally persuasive, but he is certainly not the only scholar wrestling with these texts. I have also enjoyed the work of NT Wright – a friend and frequent critic of Borg, who has written a series of “New Testament for All “ commentaries that are quite accessible.

If you haven’t taken a Disciple or Alpha course – embarking on an overview of Scripture in a group setting is highly recommended as a next step. Many are 34 weeks – but you’ll find the reading pace somewhat relaxed from what you’ve just accomplished! I’d love to hear from you about studies you’d like to do together. In a couple of weeks I'm starting one I find a great follow-up to this challenge - a book called "The First Paul" by Marcus Borg and Dominic Crossan. You can join me at 10am Mondays or 6pm Thursdays for about 6 weeks (I plan to finish up right around Memorial Day).

Blessings on your reading and your continued journey – thanks for being part of this challenge, I had a blast putting it together!



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