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Online Giving

The generosity of our members and friends enable the mission and ministries of First United Methodist Church in Fort Scott. We are working with two different ways to give. Whether you want to make a gift to support Feeding Families in His Name, another specific ministry or our general fund, either of these options will help process that giving and let you support First UMC quickly and easily - Thank you! 


First, we have established an account with to handle online transactions. is used by many churches across the country and here in our Great Plains UMC conference to handle. They charge a small per transaction fee and a 2.9% percentage - much like any retailer pays when you use your card. You can opt to cover those fees or have them take it out of the donated amount, whichever you prefer.

The other option is Zeffy - they were launched to support nonprofits and do not charge the above fees, but will ask for a donation to offset their costs. You can change their suggested amount, including to $0, by using the "other" option in the drop down menu.  Please use either processor according to your preference and let us know about your experience. We will be seeking to refine and streamline our online giving options in the months ahead.

FYI, for our online giving, funds will be received to an account established with Bluevine - an online checking account affiliated with Coastal Community Bank, if you see either of those names affiliated with your transaction, know that it is legitimate. Funds given online to First UMC and our designated funds such as Feeding Families in His Name will then transferred into the appropriate account at our main accounts with Landmark National Bank here in Fort Scott.

We created this separation to help make it very clear what donations were made online and avoid any security risks to our main accounts. Let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

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