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Worship Preview 2.11.24

This Weekend: 10:30am – “Time and Transfiguration”


Scriptures – 2 Kings 2:1-12, Psalm 50:1-6, 2 Corinthians 4:3-6, and Mark 9:2-9.


After several weeks walking through Mark 1, the lectionary this week takes us to Transfiguration Sunday and a reading from Mark 9. Since the date of Easter moves, but Lent stays the same 40 days, the time between Epiphany on January 6th and Transfiguration Sunday varies, but it is always the Sunday before Ash Wednesday. We get a glimpse ahead. Jesus is revealed in divine light and the voice he heard at baptism, a text we return to next week, is now heard by Peter, James, and John. This is my son… listen to him!” They see this Jesus they have been following speaking with Elijah and Moses. The law and the prophets, the voice from the cloud, this is another moment of Epiphany – a revelation, a mystery, an invitation to awe and wonder. In our reading from Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, we hear about light which shines out of darkness and our reading from 2nd Kings connects this mountaintop experience to the passing of the mantel between Elijah and Elisha. Sunday we will ponder all this and ponder transfiguration and time. Time in Greek is discussed in two different sense – Chronos, such as the calendars marked with days, weeks, and months. We’ve talked quite a bit lately about different calendars – a Christian liturgical calendar that started with Advent and moved through Christmas and Epiphany and next week moves into the season of Lent, and the main calendar of our society, with New Year’s on January 1 and we are already approaching the middle of February. The other sense of time is Kairos – it means “the right time” or “God’s time.” It’s not so much about trackable dates but encounter with light and wonder. As we jump ahead a bit in Mark, as we prepare to begin Lent with the juxtaposition of Ash Wednesday with Valentine’s Day, and as we ponder the depth of God’s love for us, we invite you to bring your questions, assurances, and hopes to worship this week. You can learn more about what to expect here at First United Methodist at our website: or our see our Facebook page for the latest updates including any weather cancellations.


Upcoming Events: 

Tuesday, February 13th Kiwanis Pancake Feed. We are again delighted to host this annual fundraiser for Kiwanis club. Drive Thru only, $6 tickets. Hours 11am-1:30pm and 4-6:30pm


Wednesday, February 14, 5:30–6:30pm: Feeding Families in His Name – this weekly free meal is available to everyone without obligation. A “to-go” meal is distributed under the portico at 301 S. National. A reminder: Please do not block nearby driveways while waiting. Thank you. If you would like to support this ministry, you can make donations online at


Wednesday, February 14th – Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s Day this year. All are welcome as we begin Lent with our 7pm service featuring imposition of ashes and some history on St. Valentine. 


Mark Your Calendars! Faith’s Journey Returns! Saturday, March 23rd at 6pm. Join us the Saturday before Holy Week for another great evening of Absolute Country, Definitely Gospel with Faith’s Journey! Branson’s 2021 Gospel Show and Group of the Year will be here for another freewill offering show! If you were here last year, you’ll want to hear them again, and if you missed it here is your chance to see them! Invite your friends and neighbors!


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