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Take it to the Lord in Prayer (February Newsletter)

Jesus spent much of his time in prayer. We don’t have the text of many of his prayers, most often we’re just told that he was “praying in a certain place.” As I said Sunday, I envision the disciples noticing that - and noticing how calm, inspired, powerful, and challenging he was each time he returned from prayer. Prayer is about connecting with our source. Sometimes we think we need to pray in a way to get God’s attention - but what is lacking is not God’s presence, it’s our awareness. We aren’t convincing God to do something, rather we are aligning ourselves to see and participate in what God is already doing. That’s what the Lord’s Prayer is about - a framework of praise and petition that draws our attention to all the different ways we ought to pray. Useful, certainly, in itself, as we do each Sunday in worship - but even more so as a guide to further prayer. I hope you are setting an alarm - at 3:01pm or another time that works better in your schedule - and engaging in prayer for our church and community. We face some challenges - and we have opportunities. The key to entering into and sharing God’s abundance will be our shared practice of prayer. And remember - the Spirit prays with and through us - even when we don’t have the words, make the time to be inspired and “take it to the Lord in prayer!"

Thank you Marla!

As you have probably heard by now, our secretary of the past 15 years has announced her retirement. We will have a reception to honor and thank Marla for her years of service after worship on Sunday, February 20th.



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